Shaan Khan introduces Zodiac based haircut!


Have you ever wondered whether or not your looks could change your luck? Seems weird? The king of hair transplant, Mr. Shaan Khan has proven this with success.
After the first interview, Mr. Khan allowed us to visit him once again. This time he shared a very interesting concept with us.
“If you get a haircut as per your zodiac sign, your life will definitely change for the better” said Shaan Khan. We were pretty surprised. “How is that possible? How can hair cut be related to the astrology or zodiac behavior?” we asked. With his characteristic smile, he said “it is all about positivity. If you look good, your mind is filled with good vibes. And that drives you to do better in life.”
Since he does not believe in fake words, he allowed us to interact with some of his customers, who gave us feedback about their experiences.
“After my marriage got cancelled, I used to be very depressed. Neither did I care about my looks nor my life. Then I met Shaan Khan. Since I was a Virgo, he gave a me Virgo haircut. Believe it or not, I got married within two months!”- says Amita Roy, resident of a village near Medinipur , West Bengal.
Yes, Shaan Khan adds glamour and luck to lives of people with simple lives. He is not a profit maker, he believes in adding beauty to everyone’s life.
This new zodiac based haircut concept is raging the city and the state! Even people from different states are coming to Shaan Khan, to get an ideal cut.
But there is a little bit of bad news. If you are planning to get the all new Zodiac Hair-Cut before the Pujas, then Shaan Khan will not be able to cater to you. He is completely booked for the Puja slot. The entire city is pouring over his salon and he is overbooked. But he promises everyone an opportunity right after the pujas. So, get ready for some post puja lucky draw. Your haircut might give your luck a happy turn!

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